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  • Photoshop CC Constantly Changes: It is impossible for one person to stay on top of this every changing and always more complex program.
  • Access to 2 Award Winning Instructors. Woody Walters and Chris Wooley are completely dedicated to your growth as a digital artist and photographer.
  •  Our Community is Helpful and Encouraging.  No Matter what Level You Begin At.
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I have grown so much through being in the Woody Walters Exclusive Group with Woody Walters and Chris Wooley. These two guys are amazing teachers. It makes a huge difference to be in a group like this where you get personal attention, your work critiqued and new technique challenges. And I learn a lot from fellow group members! The new Photoshop by request to assist with challenges and interests has been amazing. Hunting down how to do things on the net can be helpful but often find I things are left out leaving me frustrated. It is easy for me to get scattered in many directions. Being in this group helps me to focus, get anchored and make progress. This has been an excellent investment!
This Could Be YOU!  Watch this video to see what our students have created this year guided by our teachings in the EXCLUSIVE GROUP.
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Members Only How to Videos in the Secret Facebook Group that walk you through how to add fire, lightning, floral, powder, shattered, and other dynamic special effects to your photos to set you apart.

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Woody's World (An Hour Long Tutorial, One Technique From Start to Finish) every 8 weeks.​​​​

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  •  How to Add Water and Splash Effects to Your Composites
  •  How to Shatter Your Subjects for Sports Composites that Look Like Super Heros
  •  How to Create Watercolor Paintings From Photographs
  •  How to Add FIRE to Your Sports Composites
  •  Composites 101 Webinar.  1 FULL HOUR
  •  Custom Brushes 101  30 Minute FULL Course
  •  How to Sell Your Photography Webinar 1 Full Hour
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  •  How to Add Soft Floral Double Exposures
  •  How to Create Pet Art Sketches
Photoshop By Request $295 Value FREE!
YOU guide what you want to learn and Chris Creates a Video!
Student Driven Learning!
  • How to Create a Hole in the Desert.
  •  How to Create Smoke Animals (Using the free brushes you get with a $37 subscription)
  •  How to Tear Apart a Football Jersey
  •  Double Exposure Portraits Retro Style
  •  Plastic Wrap Technique
  •  Realistic Light Fall Off From A Lamp
  •  Photoshop Animations
  •  Invisible Man
  •  Torn Paper Effect
  •  Sketches that Pop
  •  Gradient Mapping
  •  Luminosity Masking
  •  Channel Extraction
  •  How To Create Your Own Grunge Backgrounds
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Meet Your Teachers
Woody Walters  And Chris Wooley
Woody Walters
Master Photographer, Craftsman Photographer
Woody Walters has become one of the nation’s premier artists. Walters’ photographs are a celebration of renewal and change. In his latest portfolio “Reflections of Christ,” Walters has pushed the boundary of photography to new and exciting limits allowing him to give a visual testimony in strikingly complex imagery. During a career that spans decades, Walters evolved from a commercial photographer and fine art black and white landscapes artist, to one of the newest Christian artists. His commercial client list included Walt Disney World, Blockbuster Video, Ilford Photo, Mamiya Camera, Calumet, and Burger King.
His black and white landscapes are reminiscent of Ansel Adams and depict the beauty of nature’s diversity. The portfolio ”Faces In Time” takes the viewer back to an age of Americana that is forever lost. One of the images from that portfolio, “Lill”, was purchased for donation to the Smithsonian. In 1994 his distinctive photographs of Florida were published by the University of Florida Press in a book entitled, “Visions of Florida.”
The reason for the inspiration for “Reflections of Christ” came from a very spiritual place within his heart. “After viewing the many negative portrayals of Christ that are found in art today, I felt compelled to take a positive approach to the depiction of Christ. With the experiments in combined imagery this work is now a reality.”
Through his diverse portfolio subjects, Walters’s work is sought after and appeals to a very wide audience. Walters’ works appear in museums and galleries throughout the world, including Ansel Adams private collection, the Smithsonian, the Tampa Museum of Art, the Yergeau-Musee International d’Art in Canada, the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Hoyt Institute of Art, the Pensacola Museum, the Madison Museum of Art, a private collection at the Vatican in Rome, and is featured in many international tours with the United States Embassy.
Walters has been in the top five photographer’s in Iowa eight times. He has also received the Top Heart of America Photographer five times, a record in the state of Iowa. He received his Masters and Craftsman Degrees from PPA in July 2003. Nineteen images were chosen for the prestigious loan collection and he received the coveted Medlar Award for the top portrait at the April 2000 affiliated competition. To date Walters has collected an astounding eight Kodak Gallery Awards and three Fuji Masterpiece Awards. He received three perfect scores in print competition for his images “My Ex Wife”, “Born in the USA, " and "Men of Freedom." He’s been published in the Professional Photographer Magazine, Photoshop User Magazine, and was a featured photographer
Walters teaches across the country offering photographic workshops for beginners to the very advanced. He taught advanced digital imaging at the college level for almost 7 years. Since 2009 he has been teaching photographers through his online membership "Inside Woody's World." This is his current focus and brings him great personal joy and satisfaction to see his members grow in their art.
Chris Wooley
 Craftsman Photographer, Certified Professional Photographer, Associate Fellow Photographer 
Chris Wooley is an award-winning photographer and educator residing in the Pacific Northwest. With over a decade of hands-on industry experience as a full-time photographer, Chris actively works to help improve the photography industry, but locally and nationally.
Notable accomplishments include being the current two-time president of the Professional Photographers of Washington, earning is Photographic Craftsman and Certified Professional Photographer degrees from the Professional Photographers of America, and elected as a CPP Liasion and Councilor for the Professional Photographers of America, and earning his Associate Fellow Photographer Degree from the Professional Photographers of Washington. Chris has also won numerous photographic awards, including the ACI Image Excellence award and the Fuji Masterpiece Award, as well as having work accepted into the International Print competition loan collection.
Chris regularly leads workshops and educational events both online and across the US. He is a regular online instructor for Woody Walters Digital Photo Candy and In-Person Sales Mastermind courses. He also hosts workshops and demonstrations for photographers on a variety of photographic, retouching, and business subjects.
NO ONE Cares More About Your Photoshop Success than Woody Walters and Chris Wooley. Read these Real Reviews From REAL STUDENTS:

I've taken a lot of classes from a lot of sites and this is by far the most information and best how to videos I have used. The products are worth every penny I've paid and the membership is outstanding! So much information and Woody and Ninya are always so helpful! Love this group almost as much as my husband! LOL

-Shelia Herbison Martin

I just joined about 3 weeks ago and am just getting into some of the lessons and tutorials, but I can already see where the information, training, freebies, discounts and feedback from the Facebook group will be invaluable to me as I grow my business. Don't get me wrong, it's not plug'n'play (I wish!), but it's led me to take my first steps into Photoshop - I was a diehard Lightroom user - and so far I haven't crashed and burned!
-Kim Booth

I must say that this has been the best $37.00 that I've invested. I was so impressed when I needed help with a photo...Woody Walters said "here's my number, give me a call and I'll help you"...Wow! That blew me away, he took the time to help me. The videos with the step by step instructions are wonderful. If you're like me and trying to start a photograpy business, this is the place you want to be! Being in this group, I thought at first it was going to be a little intimidating after seeing all of the wonderful photos. I've since thought, no I'm learning for some of the best photographers.
-Kim Green-Smoot

If it wasn't for Woody Walters I wouldn't be where I'm at today - making a lot of money! He has taught me so much about how to take my photographs to the next level and in today's world you need that. You have to be able to offer your clients something they can't get off their cell phones these days. The monthly fee is worth every penny just to be able to continue learning from this Photoshop Master. Trust me you won't be disappointed!
-Connie Fore

I would just like to make a comment or two on what I believe the benefits of joining Woody Walters secret group has done for me. First off I am a rank amateur. I don't know Photoshop that well but I can get my way around in it. Woody and Ninya with their how to videos make it so simple that when I did my first portrait of my grandkids using their methods my wife was simply amazed! She could not believe that I had done that and quite frankly I was kind of amazed myself. The cost of $37 per month is nothing in comparison to what you receive in instruction. I am about to retire from my job and I'm looking for something to do for additional income. I love pets and I love dogs. I'm thinking of going into business as a pet photographer. My neighbor has a beautiful dog and one day while my little buddy stood on his side of the electric fence I took some shots of him and then came in and followed the instruction provided in the Painted Pets Instant Paintings that I had purchased. I thought the neighbor lady might be at least appreciative of what I had done but she was elated with the outcome! She showed some her friends the picture of her dog's portrait to several of her friends and of those friends two called me to take pictures of their dogs and to produce similar results. Well not even technically in business yet the door opened wide. I could not have done this without what I've learned from joining Woody Walters Secret Group. To me it's like being back in school taking a course that I thoroughly enjoy. Thanks Woody and Ninya for the great instruction and the fellowship this group provides with people of similar interests.
-Craig Koepke

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